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I Am Now A Cancer Person

“You’re tumor is malignant.  You have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  It’s the most common and treatable for of breast cancer.  We are calling the surgeon today.  They will call you and schedule your pre-surgical meeting.  If they don’t call today, call us back.” As the title of the made-for-TV movie noted, first, you cry.  I allowed myself probably 60 seconds of tears on the steady and capable shoulders of my boyfriend, Kevin, who is equally stunned by the news.  I wipe my eyes and after a few sniffles and a tissue, I ask, “Now what?”. How is this possible?  The former Paris Hilton of Punk Rock, Punk of the Month, Courtney-Love-without-The-Damage has breast cancer.  I have a Superman character named after me, dammit.  I’m supposed to be bulletproof.  Or have a superpower.  Or something.  There are people out there that are full of hate and vitriol walking around perfectly healthy to spread their misery.  I’ve got nothing but love songs here.  Nothing but fun.  I even have it