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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Flaunt it while you got it. Nothing prepares you for it.  You know it's gonna happen, but when it happens, it's not what you think happens.  Everyone knows that chemo makes your hair fall out.  I'm on 12 weeks of Taxol AKA Attacks-all and they said my hair would fall out after my third or fourth session.  I get all kinds of helpful and unhelpful advice.  Helpful: "I hear if you wear an ice cap your hair doesn't fall out."  Unhelpful:  "My aunt had chemo and her hair didn't fall out."  I felt like I didn't care.  I raided my mom's vintage scarves and had a box full of wigs.  My friend Lindsay sent me a beautiful wig that looked like my real hair but BETTER.  I shaved my head almost down to nothing in high school.  I am PREPARED!  I'm READY!  BRING ON THE BALDNESS! If I'm going to cut all my hair off, I might as well have fun with it.  I'm going to have the mohawk I've always fantasized about, like the one