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Stukas Over Disneyworld.

Road Trip I started my month-long break from chemo with a bang.  I have to continue with Herceptin every three weeks for another nine months, which will make a total of one year of treatment.  I also have a month's worth of radiation to look forward to.  I have a house in Florida that I have visited ONCE since we got it.  Once since last December.  So we are driving down, so we can have a car down there  instead of renting, and bring some stuff down.  It's not the time to UHaul it, so stuffing the sedan with clothes and basic needs will do the trick.  I need to work on my Florida Wardrobe, so I see some Lilly Pulitzer in my future.  I've already purchased a dress with tropical flowers on it.   The other John Oliver We have stops along the way to visit friends to cut down on expenses.  First stop Delaware with Bigtwin, an artist I met at my first advertising job at Mezzina/Brown working on Joe Camel (Yeah, I know.  I probably deserved cancer for that.  Karma's a bitch.).

Don't Worry About Me.

Summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets.  I finished 12 weeks of Taxol, and I get a full month off from treatment.  This really is like being on parole. I do have to go back to Herceptin IV every three weeks for a YEAR.  Just when I thought I could start over and start a new life in Florida, I started a new life alright.  I had to put my life on pause to save my life.  Now my treatment is on pause!  What next?  I've been so good!  16 weeks without booze.  What kind of life is that?  At least in the joint you can make hooch out of hairspray and shoe polish.   Good news is I don't have to do that - I just have to run for it.  Literally.  There's a Cider Run in an apple orchard.  It starts downhill which I can handle.  Then you run up a hill - no problem.  THEN the apples are growing on a hill and you have to run up and down the rows of apple trees.  Why am I doing this?  Oh yeah, because there is BOOZE at the end of it!  So I wind up walking