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Holiday Reflections and the year in review....

You may be thinking, “WHAT NOW?   What trouble did she possibly get into this year?”   I’m sorry to report there is nothing as spectacularly dramatic as a cancer diagnosis in this year’s letter, nor are there terrorist attacks or murder trials or another failed marriage.   There was not even a feline fatality.   I still have a cat, I still have a boyfriend called Kevin, I still have a house in Florida, and I still have ten fingers and ten toes.   Well, I almost escape unscathed.   In the end of September I tripped, hit a concrete wall and split the middle bone of my right pinky down to the joint.   After a heavy dose of denial in a half cast for two weeks, I had to bite the bullet, with Novocain, and have some pretty medieval-looking hardware installed so I could retain the use of my finger joint.   I still have it but who knows if it will get back to being fully functional.   Opening a jar makes me feel completely incompetent.   I cannot indulge my OCD by wiping down the