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In My Dreams...

Tears flowed freely down my face today. I'm driving home from work and have a memory of my father.  Or was it a dream.  Or was it a visit. My father used to visit me - when I was awake or when I was asleep.  It was not a dream.  I would dream of my father - a character in my dream.  I would say, "I had a dream about my father last night".  The dreams were clearly dreams. Then there were the visits.  He would visit my in that space where I was not asleep and not awake but conscious.  I could still register the goings on around me but I wanted to be unconscious and that's where he would be. Shortly after he left the Earth, I would feel him close.  He was very close.  He was still tethered to me or life or something.  I could feel his presence, almost at will. I would feel the surge of energy and of love.  The electricity of a life that was so connected to mine would flow, the force whose life was the cause of mine. That feeling came today in the mindspace when you'r