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Go with the FLOW! How I Scored a Date with A Surgeon.

I FINALLY got lucky and scored a date with a surgeon!  The Surgeon’s office called immediately, before the two minutes of tears were dry.  It was Wednesday, the day of my diagnosis, and the appointment was set for Friday morning.  They were not messing around.  I could tell from the speed of mammogram to regram to ultrasound to the ultrasound tech telling me, “I’m calling in the doctor” that there was no time to lose.  They told me it would take two days for the results of my biopsy to come in.  They called me the next day.  What should I wear?  Coco Chanel says you should dress like you have a date with destiny.  And I do.  I grab the Adidas Track pants and disguise how lazy I am with faux fur accessories, including my Wookie apres ski boots. The month of my mammogram... Kevin and I entered the surgeon’s office and instead of being guided to an examination room with your standard paper-covered table, rolling chairs, hand washing sink and beige cabinets, we were guided