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Goddess of my Galaxy

I finally took down the Christmas cards that were sent to me for 2020, held to my electrical panel door with magnets.  I saw the chaos they projected on Zoom and also like a tree that has not been taken down, may be a reflection of my deteriorating concept of time and space.  I scan t he ones with kids and families and look back so I can see them growing year after year.    There are some that are really pretty that I recycle the fronts if the backs aren't written on.    There are others that I save, like the custom or hand made ones.  I saved most of my "cancer cards".    They are in a box with my family and friends’ photos and other crap I can't let go of. I thought about my own card and letter, which I do every year.  It was really important for me not to complain about what a shit year this was, even though I thought my mother might die at one point.   I also chose the photos for my Christmas card, like the one where we are dressed up for an online party, because