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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

Cancer christmas yielded many things I didn't know I needed until I needed them.  Joey Kotfica worked with us at Coney Island High doing all the things I was too old, stupid or busy to do, like updating our website with the latest gigs and doing all the tech stuff.  She now lives in SF with her husband.  She mails me a care package with hand sanitizer (understand that), a knit cap (as mentioned in my last blog), hand lotion (can always use that), hundred of those granny peppermints (nice to have), a dozen pocket packs of Kleenex (this one I'm scratching my head over) and nail polish, because chemo BOREDOM!  At my first chemo they gave me a backpack, a blanket, and a "box of hope" made by volunteers.  I packed up all my little goodies and my laptop in every session.  I have not used everything, but I've got it if I need it.   I'm ready for anything.  I ran/walked a 5K 10 weeks into a twelve-week cycle of Taxol.  I have not thrown up.  I threw the anti-nausea

Baring it All

Bald is Beautiful - At Grace Jones Movie Promo There is just no hiding the fact that I have cancer anymore.   There's no hiding if you don't have hair - especially if you are a woman.    You lose your hair and your eyebrows and your eyelashes and you look like David Bowie in Man Who Fell To Earth but not as cool. No one will think this is a fashion statement or a choice. There's no disguising it.  It's winter and it's cold and I really do like to have my head covered for that reason alone.  I gave away my awesome faux fur hat to a twenty-something cancer survivor, and my Coney Island High knit cap to a friend because I was never going to wear it, right?  Now to acquire some "new favorites".  I have some amazing scarves I got as gifts, some I stole from my mom, a couple of knit caps, some handmade (thanks Joey and Stephanie) and a bunch of other ones like "Fuck Cancer" (Thanks Laura!).  I am also fortunate to have a lovely human hair wig